We are not sure how it happened, only that we know it did happen, and that we have photographic evidence of it happening, but last Wednesday, the man blowing bubbles managed to trap a pigeon in one of the larger bubbles.

This is being shared because we can’t believe it either! All we know is that a group calling themselves ‘Allied Proof’ took the attached image.

pigeon caught in bubble

Brinnington Arts Festival 2014!

It’s on and happening right now! There’s so many events taking place – from tree dressing to viewing the photography competition entrants, artwork, lantern making – the list is endless! You can find out more by going to:



The ‘Your Brinnington’ media group will be there on Wednesday – do stop by and say hello.

Lanterns 2014

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It’s that time of the year again when we look forward to the lantern procession! Plenty of opportunities over the next couple of weeks for making lanterns ahead of the parade itself on the 29th March.

Click on the pictures for more details.