Annual Health & Fun Run Day 2013

Annual Health & Fun Run Day 2013

Once again, the weather was fantastic for this years event. The Falconry display was beyond amazing with a range of birds on display from Barn Owls to elegant Eagles. From a baby Little Owl called ‘Willow’,(who stole the attention) to a slightly bigger owl, called Dennis, it was indeed a superior display of not just their looks, but the birds hunting skills.

One of the highlights of the Falconry display was when a ine of kids lay down on the grass and they were flown over by a rather impressive raptor at a very low level indeed!

The Fun Run was started off by Stockports newly appointed Mayor.  Medals and trophies were handed awards for taking part, with the main First, Second and Third prizes being awarded by Anne Coffey.

You can see some of the pictures that were taken on the day here: