Save Reddish Vale 2013.

Mary Dutton wrote the following;

“To save Reddish Vale we need a show of numbers at the next three relevant Town Hall meetings. Bodies count tremendously. We showed them our mettle on 17th July.

Here are the three dates All at 6pm:

5th August Heatons and Reddish Committee

8th August Central Committee

12th September Full Council

Each one should have a written question for Public Question Time early on in meeting so you can go home quickly.

Youu need your Name and address

Your question (about the selling off of Reddish Vale)

Signature at the bottom and Date

Dead easy!

In addition, please write to your councillors or the Chief exec, or anyone you can think of in the Town Hall because all this planning has been done underhandedly.

If you require any proof, please look at the documentation for Brinnington Regeneration. Blackberry Lane site-THIS IS INSIDE THE REDDISH VALE BOUNDARY. Petitions are flying round Reddish and Brinninton and beyond. Cllr Iain Roberts stated wrongly that the area is “physically separated from RVCP”. Ann Coffey stated wrongly that” it is old industrial land.”

Please forward to as many people as you can think of and refer to it on Facebook. Save the Vale 2013

They won in 1988 without the benefit of the internet etc. To date we have 4,000 signatures and we have only known for just over a fortnight If we cannot do it, we’re all Dooomed! (Dad’s Army)”

If you’re online, the petition can be viewed and signed here:


More information can be found by: CLICKING HERE

Brinnington Fun Day 2013

This is one of the best events on the calendar. Every year, the second Saturday in July, the annual fun day has been held on the park. Over the years, there’s been so much to see and do and activities for all. Face painting for the kids, henna tattoos for the *ahem* slightly older generation. 

There’s been no shortage of food or drinks over the years – every year, there’s been something good and hot served outside the pavillion, ice creams, cold drinks and lush smoothies. As for the weather, it’s always managed to be fantastic on the day. It’s almost as though the organisers have arranged the good weather as well as the array of assorted stalls over the years.

And as well as stalls, the food & drinks, there’s also been a wide variety of skills demonstrated over the years too.  From karate to boxing, from morris dancing to majorettes and Jousting to rock climbing with a little bit of rapping along the way too.

This years promotional video for the fun day is to remind you how good it’s been, and we do hope to see you on the day.

The ‘Your Brinnington’ media team will be there – don’t be shy, come and say hello!

(We don’t bite – honest!)

Don’t forget – admission to the event is FREE. It takes place on Brinnington Park (Northumberland Road) from 1pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!